Marcel Correa was born in Youngstown, OH and raised in Las Vegas. From an early age he was surrounded by business as he often worked with his mother and father who owned a successful General Contracting company for 20+ years. During that time he realized being an entrepreneur was his calling. At 21 he became a barber as he loved improving people’s confidence by providing the perfect haircut & hairline for his clients. Studying business at UNLV to fine tune the experience he already gained, he later accepted a small loan in 2013 and went on to create the biggest independent event company in Las Vegas. But…his passion for improving people’s confidence never subsided. In 2015 he traveled to NYC to apprentice under the top Scalp Micropigmentation artist in the world. This led him to team up with Jeff Parkway, to create Regrow Micropigmentation. A state of the art clinic, with top of the line technology, delivering the best results this industry has ever seen. Having undergone Scalp Micropigmentation himself, he can easily relate to the pain and embarrassment people face when dealing with hair loss. Combining his experience with Scalp Micropigmentation and hair loss, with Jeff’s remarkable tattoo experience, they are now offering the absolute best SMP results this industry has ever seen.