You can find huge success as a Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner, however, to do so, you must have an outstanding reputation. Your reputation is decided by the quality of your work, and your results are determined by the standard of training you receive. At Regrow Micro, we produce what we consider to be the highest quality SMP, and offer the most professional location and office in Las Vegas. As a trainee you will be put through our highly extensive learning program, enabling you to master the core skills required to perform the highest quality Scalp Micropigmentation procedures. We will teach you the same techniques used to build our 5 star reputation as one of the industry leading SMP providers. Far beyond standard procedures, you will learn how to create the most natural looking hairlines, how to feather the pigmented areas seamlessly into clients real hair, and how to create perfect replications that are completely indistinguishable from actual hair follicles. Being good just doesn’t cut it in this industry. To be truly successful you must be great and we can provide the level of training necessary to achieve that skill set.

Our 5-day training course takes place at our Las Vegas clinic and is headed by Jeff Parkway and Marcel Correa, and facilitated by our team of skilled training assistants and technicians. Class sizes are strictly limited to 6 trainees, this is to ensure that all trainees receive the most hands-on learning as possible.

*Please note that our courses are usually sold out several months in advance, so book early to secure the next available spot.

Our world renowned training, hands-on workshops, coaching and ongoing support is designed to learn, master and effectively run a Scalp Micropigmentation business, some skills you can expect to learn:

               •             SMP Simulation

               •             Designing hairlines

               •             Color Theory & Mixing

               •             How To Perform Consultations

               •             Utilize Conventional Marketing

               •             Work On Live Models

               •             Scars & FUE Treatments

4 day class, equipment included - $7,999

During this 4 day course, you will understand both theory and hands-on training with your very own machine.

*A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. For more information or to check availability, email us at